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Making sure target runs payload on Windows PC

There are tools in redpill Hacker that works on all devices like the password phishing tool. Most of the tools however like the payloads are designed to secretly install a spy program or perform an action on a Windows computer. How can you ensure that the target will run the payload on a windows computer and not try to open it on an Android or Apple device?

The answer is to plan your 'attack' and to use a Multi-Phase Attack to ensure that the target will open the payload on a Windows computer. Not only will the target open the payload on the correct device, but there are other advantages in using a Multi-Phase attack including:

  • Preventing unnecessary Anti-Virus exposure of your payloads. 
  • Higher success rate as more social engineering is involved and a level of trust is established before the payload is emailed. 
To see how a Multi-Phase attack works, see:


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