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New Hacker Training Articles

A couple of new hacker training articles were added to the redpill website. These articles include instructions on how to hack without being detected, how to remotely install a spy program and more. Below are a list of the new articles.
Hacker JargonHow to Remotely Install a Spy ProgramHow to hack in the secretSocial EngineeringAnti-Virus Detection - how it works and how to bypass it. More articles and videos coming soon ....

New redpill website

redpill Hacker has a new home. Our new website ( has a cool new look and is also mobile friendly. It was important for us to make our new site mobile friendly as we will be adding training articles to the site. To launch our new site we are offering redpill Hacker at the reduce price of $99 for a limited time (once off payment).

The training articles that we are planning to add will include the following:

How to install key loggers remotely.How to install spy programs via email.Creating websites with payloads (spy software that can be installed secretly and remotely).Creating password phishing websites to capture usernames and password.How to use social engineering to install spy software.SQL Injection, the darknet and many more. This blog also has training articles but we are planning more structured online training on the redpill website.