Monday, 13 March 2017

Why we need hackers and hacktivists

In a perfect world, we could all sit back and just trust that our governments will do the 'right thing'. We can believe that the CIA, FBI, NSA are the good guys and there to help and protect us. We can believe that they are the 'good guys' and they are protecting us from the 'bad guys'. In a perfect world ...

The problem is we do not live in a perfect world. You just need to read the news to see how governments are hacking one another. How the 'good guys' wants more power and control to protect us from the 'bad guys' but how they misuse and abuse their power.

I live in South Africa and on a daily basis we read in the news how top government officials - even, and especially in the police and security sector - are attacking one another and exposing how the others are using their positions for self enrichment through corruption.

We live in the real world where there are no black and white (100% right or 100% wrong), but multiple shades of grey. No government or organization can be completely trusted. Not everyone working at that 'good' agency is 'good' and there will always be people that abuse their power.

We need wikileaks, we need hacktivists, we need people that fight for our privacy.

At redpill we understand that it is possible to abuse hacking tools and use it for cyber crime. We are constantly considering removing redpill Hacker from the internet for this reason. We however also understand that there are those who needs tools like redpill Hacker to fight for the truth.