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How to remotely install a spy program

Windows and Internet security came a long way since the good old Windows XP days. Installing spy software silently and remotely back then was easy. All you needed was an easy to use spy program like redpill Agent (no longer available) and you where good to go.

Several things changed from those days that makes installing spy software remotely much more difficult:
User Account Control (UAC) was introduced by Microsoft making silent installs almost impossible.  Using Exploits to install is no longer a viable option as security updates are now much more widely and quickly rolled out. In Windows 10, automatic updates are on by default and can only be turned off for a short period.Advanced Anti-Virus programs no longer just scan for known malware but uses 'Heuristic Analysis' and 'Wisdom of the Crowd'.Email services started applying very strict rules as to what type of attachments can be emailed. Security awareness has drastically increased in the last couple of years.  Nowa…