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Why we use Bitcoins

Yesterday, Perfect Money decided to block our account (because we are selling Penetration Testing Software - ouch! ... that is like being kicked out of hell because you are too bad! We thought we where the good guys compared to the rest of the crowd using Perfect Money).

So, as of yesterday, redpill will no longer directly accept Perfect Money (you can still use your PM, read on).

Over the more than 10 years we have been in this business, we used (and stopped using) a lot of different payment methods:

  • Liberty Reserve, up until March 2013 when US Authorities decided to seize the Liberty Reserve website and freeze all the accounts ... including the accounts of good guys like us :(
  • Paypal, but then paypal decided to block our account until we stop selling our spy software. Although it is easy to open new accounts, paypal makes charge-back fraud too easy for criminals ... and unfortunately criminals like hacking software.
  • Over the years we also tried many others, but have decided to only continue with Webmoney and Bitcoins. We also still accept credit card payment via Avangate, but only for some of our products.
Why Webmoney?
We have been using them for over 10 years without any problems. Unfortunately, webmoney is not well known or used in most western countries (mostly used by Russia).

Why Bitcoins?
We LOVE Bitcoins!!

Bitcoins are not controlled by a central company or entity ... it is controlled by people. There is no single website or domain that can be seized by the authorities, no single person or company that can decide to close your account. 

To find out more about bitcoins, go to
.. or, if you just quickly want to buy bitcoins and use your bitcoins to purchase a redpill product, you can use a company like:

What if you only have Perfect Money and you need to purchase?

You can create a Bitcoin account at a company like and then use a company like (there are many others to choose from) to quickly convert your PM to bitcoins. 

How to purchase from redpill using Bitcoins

Go to and click on Purchase. Select the Bitcoin option and click on the purchase button. Follow the instructions.

Important: Our Bitcoin address is changed on a regular basis. Do not use a bitcoin address that you used previously. Always go to the purchase page and get the latest bitcoin address.

Once you did the purchase, contact us so that we can verify the payment.

Please note: Sites that we referred to in this article are sites that we have used in the past and found that they are good to use. We however have nothing to do with these sites and you use them on your own risk.


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