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How to successfully install spy software

To successfully install spy software remotely and secretly you will need:

  • A powerful hacking program.
  • Expert hacking skills (not to worry, read on).
  • A bit of luck

redpill Hacker can help you with the first two. It is a powerful hacking program with various hacking tools. It is also designed to turn any beginner hacker into an expert by helping you choose the correct tools for the job.

When you create a payload (the module that will be attached to an email and will secretly install the spy program on the remote computer), redpill Hacker will help you make the right choices to improve your chances of a successful hack.

How to make the right choices

On the payload selection screen, redpill Hacker will display information about each selection you make just below the selection box. It is very important that you read the information about your current selection.

  1. The Payload Type – This is the type of spy program that will be installed. Carefully read the description of your selection, as each program comes with its pro's and con's.
  2. Attachment Type – This is how the payload will be attached. Again, you need to carefully read the description of each selection as some attachment types are not supported by some email services.
  3. Social Engineering Template – This is your 'con'. As the target will need to open the attachment, the 'con' is used to convince the target to do just that. There are various templates to choose from and the description box will explain how the selected con works. Remember that you will be able to edit the details of the template on the next screen.

Some More Tips:

  • If possible, create an email account with the same email provider as the target (example, yahoo, gmail, etc.) and then do a full test from beginning to end.
  • Edit your templates or create your own. Although each customer gets a unique edition (build) of redpill Hacker, they all get the same default templates. If you use the templates 'as is', it will increase the risk that the email will be detected as a possible threat.
  • Create an alias account (fake profile) and take some time to establish communication (trust) with the target. Only send the payload when there is a high level of trust and when the target is expecting the attachment. Just sending it blindly rarely works. 

What about the third requirement, 'luck'?

There is a lot that can go wrong - wrong operating system or a very security aware target (just to name two). Not all attempts will succeed, but you can increase your chances of success!

Want to know more, have a look at some redpill Hacker videos.


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