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Enter redpill Hacker

Congratulations on your purchase of redpill Hacker!

After you paid for redpill Hacker (you can purchase here) you will have to wait a couple hours as each customer gets a unique build - your own unique edition of redill Hacker! The reason for this is to help avoid detection.

When your redpill Hacker is ready redpill will email you a download link. Please follow the steps below to make sure you get the most out of your redpill Hacker.

Step 1: Download your install file and keep a copy

Download your install file from the link that redpill emailed you. Save a copy of the install file in a safe place - preferable on a separate device. redpill do not keep copies as each customer gets a unique install file. If you loose your install file, you will need to pay the rebuild fee to get a new one.

Step 2: Install redpill Hacker and exclude from AV

The payloads (spy install modules) redpill Hacker create has Anti-Virus Counter Detection and attempts to avoid detection. No attempts are however made to hide redpill Hacker itself (the program you use to create the payloads) from detection as it will only be installed on your computer.

Some Anti-Virus including Windows Defender will detect and remove redpill Hacker.
For this reason, you will need to disable your Anti-Virus before you install and add the redpill Hacker program folder to your Anti-Virus list of exclusions. You will enable your Anti-Virus again after these steps.

These instructions are for Windows Defender but all Anti-Virus will have these features.

Open Windows Defender and turn off real-time protection.

Install redpill Hacker. Go back to Windows Defender (or your Anti-Virus) and add an exclusion.

Click on add Folder and browse for your redpill Hacker program folder. See Program Folder in the image below.

The image above also shows the payload folder but you can ignore that for now and just add the program folder.

You can now turn on your Real-Time Protection again.

Step 3: Register redpill Hacker

When you open redpill Hacker for the first time you will be asked to enter a key and a registration number will be displayed. Email that number to redpill. They will email you a key that you can enter to register redpill Hacker.

After you entered the key, redpill Hacker will open.

After it opened, check that your name is in your unique edition of redpill Hacker. This is to ensure that you got the correct edition.

Step 4: Protect your payloads

The payloads you create (spy install modules) will attempt to bypass Anti-Virus detection. However, exposing them to unnecessary anti-virus scans is a very bad idea.  The more your payloads are scanned, the bigger the possibility will become that your Anti-Virus will find a common 'fingerprint' among all your payloads (build by your unique edition) and submit it to the their virus definition database that will greatly increase your detection rate.

If this happens you will need to pay for a rebuild of your redpill Hacker. So to prevent this from happening, it is a good idea to add your payload folder to your Anti-Virus exclusion list so that your payloads will not be scanned by your Anti-Virus.

Follow the steps above and again temporarily disable real time protection in your Anti-Virus.
Create one payload (see these instructions if you don't know how).
Go to payloads, select the one you created and click on 'Open Payload Location'. You need to add that folder you your list of exclusions as well.

Follow the instructions above and add the payload folder. By default it will be in 'Documents' but you can choose to create and use another folder.

You should now have two folders in your exclusion list.

Remember to turn your Real Time Protection on again.

Step 5: Hack The World

There are a lot of examples and training articles in this blog. Remember to start small and get in some training before attempting to hack a real target.


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