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redpill Hacker payloads now supports PDF

redpill Hacker 4.1 is now available. redpill Hacker is a hacking program that allows you to create different types of payloads (spy install modules that can be remotely and secretly installed). You can create different types of payloads that you can customize. You can also choose from a list of attachment types.

Two new attachment types have been added in version 4.1:
PDF using normal file extension spoofing - this could also be done manually in the past. The new version has a payload with a PDF icon.PDF using RTLO Spoofing (Right To Left Override exploit). In the past it was needed to download and purchase a separate hacking tool to do this. This feature is now build into redpill Hacker. There is also a new PDF Lightweight payload that will have a PDF icon.
The payloads can perform various tasks including: installing key loggerssecretly taking screenshotssecretly sending you documents from the target computer.  For more information about redpill Hacker go to the redpill website:  www.r…