Thursday, 14 January 2016

Legal to monitor employees

An European court just ruled that it is legal for employers to monitor employees. This ruling came after an employee took an employer to court for reading his personal and very private messages.
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Remember that laws differ from country to country and you also need to look at the specifics of each case.

Legal doesn't always mean right.

Just because you are legally allowed to do something doesn't always mean it is morally the correct thing to do. You might (will) get employers that are more concerned (or even obsessed) with invading employees privacy than monitoring them to ensure company resources are not wasted.

The same thing goes for spouses that want to monitor each other. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you are secretly monitoring your spouse, aren't you the one breaking the trust?

There are however times when spying is the right thing to do.

When you already know there is a problem - if you are 90% sure that your spouse is having an affair and you just need that final proof ... then secretly installing spy software might just be what you need to do. Not everyone can afford a private investigator. Spy software like redpill Spy is sometimes all you need to know the truth.

Don't be a victim - it is YOUR life and you also deserve to be happy.

The same goes for a company. You worked hard building you company from the ground up - you don't need to be satisfied with employees that are not really working or even selling company secrets to the competition.

What if the person you want to monitor is not an employee or spouse?

If legal doesn't always mean right - does illegal always mean wrong?

It is possible to secretly and remotely install spy software using a tool like redpill Hacker and still be within the law. Examples would be doing penetration testing for a company and legal investigations.

There will then also be grey areas where strictly speaking it might be illegal like hactivists fighting for a good cause.

Another real world example was a ethical hacker that used redpill spy software to remotely install a keylogger on a scammer that was stealing money from people over the internet selling cute puppies and cars that didn't exist. The scammer was from another country (Nigeria), so to successfully prosecute the scammer would have been very difficult and we all know that very little happens if these cases are reported to local authorities. The hacker got into all the scammer's email accounts (he had a lot) and could see who he was busy scamming. He informed all his victims what was going on (using the scammers email accounts!). He also informed all his family and friends what he was doing and attached many screenshots as proof.
- legal? - not sure
- right thing to do? - you decide

Then there will obviously be a lot of examples where it is just completely illegal and wrong to secretly install spy software on someone's computer.

Please remember:
redpill never encourage or condone the illegal use of its products. Never use redpill products in an illegal manner.