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How to remotely install a spy program

Windows and Internet security came a long way since the good old Windows XP days. Installing spy software silently and remotely back then was easy. All you needed was an easy to use spy program like redpill Agent (no longer available) and you where good to go.

Several things changed from those days that makes installing spy software remotely much more difficult:
User Account Control (UAC) was introduced by Microsoft making silent installs almost impossible.  Using Exploits to install is no longer a viable option as security updates are now much more widely and quickly rolled out. In Windows 10, automatic updates are on by default and can only be turned off for a short period.Advanced Anti-Virus programs no longer just scan for known malware but uses 'Heuristic Analysis' and 'Wisdom of the Crowd'.Email services started applying very strict rules as to what type of attachments can be emailed. Security awareness has drastically increased in the last couple of years.  Nowa…

Payload Websites with redpill Hacker 6

redpill Hacker 6 has just been released with more flexible and powerful payload websites.

A payload website is a website that is created by redpill Hacker that is used to secretly install spy software (the payload) remotely on a target computer.

Example of a Payload website create by redpill Hacker:

In redpill Hacker 5 you could also have created payload websites, but you now have more flexibility to make the website look the way you want it to.

You can use any 'con' - any app that you can think off that people would want to download. You simply choose the wording for your site and select a background.

No website development skills required - redpill Hacker will create the website for you in seconds.

redpill Hacker 6 also comes with a new and improved help file to help you with even more advanced topics including:
Step by step 'getting started' instructions that can turn anyone into a professional hacker. Creating payloads (spy install modules) that can be installed - s…

Hacking tools to get usernames and passwords

redpill Hacker has various tools and methods to get usernames and passwords from a target computer. In this article I will briefly discuss the different methods of retrieving passwords using redpill Hacker.

Payload with Key Logger

redpill Hacker allows you to create a payload that will remotely install a key logger on the target computer. Everything that is typed on the computer will be recorded and secretly emailed to you including usernames and passwords.

Saved keywords will not be retrieved (this action increases the detection rate), instead you can use the 'Retrieve Saved Passwords' template in redpill Hacker.

When you use the 'Retrieve Saved Passwords' Social Engineering Template, redpill Hacker will do the following:

It will create a payload that looks like a Virus Removal Tool.redpill Hacker will then email the target the payload and explain that there is a virus that steal passwords doing the rounds.It will then instruct the target to temporarily disable his Anti …

Hack in secret with the Darknet

If you think it is only a couple of terrorists that is being watched by the authorities, think again. 

Have a look at the google transparency report (click this link) . Google and other companies comply with thousands or requests for information about specific user accounts from authorities all over the world!

 In 2015 there where 68 908 requests where they provided data to authorities … with other words give access to the gmail accounts. These stats are from google themselves! You will also notice when you look at the graph that the number of requests per year is growing. Keep in mind, that this is just gmail. All other email providers receive similar requests.

There is of course the 'If you have nothing to hide' argument. In a perfect world that might make some sense. We live in an imperfect world where nothing is truly black or white, where the good guys is never 100% good and the bad guys never (well seldom) 100% bad.

You can't just simply trust that you are only being…

Know your redpill Hacker Payloads

What is a payload?

In computer security, payload refers to the part of malware which performs a malicious action. In redpill Hacker, the payload is attached to an email or a website and is delivered to the target PC. The payload will then secretly perform a specific action like installing a key logger or retrieving documents from the target computer.

Different types of payloads in redpill Hacker
There are different payloads in redpill Hacker and new ones being added with each new release. Some will only take screenshots while another will take screenshots and install a key logger. There is also another that will secretly retrieve all the documents from the target computer.
When you select a payload in redpill Hacker the details of the payload will be displayed to help you choose the right payload for the job.
Payloads are grouped into two main categories in redpill Hacker: Heavyweight Payloads - Does a lot. Takes screenshots, installs key logger and continue to run even after a computer…

Hacking Terms you need to know

On the spy software training blog you will come across various 'hacker' terms. Here are some of the important terms you need to know if you are interested in Penetration Testing (Hacking Tools and Spy Software).

HackerSome believe that hacker means a skilled and enthusiastic programmer and that a 'cracker' is someone that breaks into system. In the sense that we will use hacker, a hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.Penetration TestingPenetration Testing is when a company ask you to try to hack into their system. They sometimes want to do this to see if their system is secure, and if it is not (if you succeed), they want a report on how you managed to get into their system. White HatA 'White Hat' is a good hacker doing only ethical hacking. Examples would be to someone working for the authorities or a person doing Penetration Testing for a company. Black HatA black hat is a 'bad' hacker. Using his skills for crimin…

Hacker Training Course

redpill started a training course for redpill Hacker. The course includes:

8 Day Course (8 Lessons) that can be spread over a longer period.11 Practical Exercises where you 'attack' a real target (your instructor).PDF Document with 30 pages of tips and advanced training topics.Covers a wide range of topics including social engineering, payloads, password phishing, payload websites that install spy software and more.The instructor will connect to your PC to help you with the exercises.For prices and more information,  visit the redpill hacker training page.

For more information about redpill Hacker, go to

Why we use Bitcoins

Yesterday, Perfect Money decided to block our account (because we are selling Penetration Testing Software - ouch! ... that is like being kicked out of hell because you are too bad! We thought we where the good guys compared to the rest of the crowd using Perfect Money).

So, as of yesterday, redpill will no longer directly accept Perfect Money (you can still use your PM, read on).

Over the more than 10 years we have been in this business, we used (and stopped using) a lot of different payment methods:

Liberty Reserve, up until March 2013 when US Authorities decided to seize the Liberty Reserve website and freeze all the accounts ... including the accounts of good guys like us :(Paypal, but then paypal decided to block our account until we stop selling our spy software. Although it is easy to open new accounts, paypal makes charge-back fraud too easy for criminals ... and unfortunately criminals like hacking software.Over the years we also tried many others, but have decided to only c…

How to successfully install spy software

To successfully install spy software remotely and secretly you will need:

A powerful hacking program.Expert hacking skills (not to worry, read on).A bit of luck
redpill Hacker can help you with the first two. It is a powerful hacking program with various hacking tools. It is also designed to turn any beginner hacker into an expert by helping you choose the correct tools for the job.

When you create a payload (the module that will be attached to an email and will secretly install the spy program on the remote computer), redpill Hacker will help you make the right choices to improve your chances of a successful hack.

How to make the right choices

On the payload selection screen, redpill Hacker will display information about each selection you make just below the selection box. It is very important that you read the information about your current selection.

The Payload Type – This is the type of spy program that will be installed. Carefully read the description of your selection, as each pro…

Installing redpill Spy

redpill Spy is a computer monitoring program that can be used to monitor the computer in your home or office. You need to have access to the computer to install and set it up. It can secretly monitor a computer (only you will know), but it cannot be installed remotely.

For software that can be secretly installed remotely see redpill Hacker.

redpill Spy is completely hidden and discreet, but because it is installed by you (not remotely), only some attempts are made to avoid detection and removal by anti-virus. It will bypass some Anti-Virus but not all. If your Anti-Virus detects and removes redpill Spy, follow the steps below:

Note: We will use Windows Defender in the examples below, but all Anti-Virus packages has similar features.

1. Temporarily Disable your Anti-Virus

Click on the Windows start button > Settings > Update & Security and turn off Real Time Protection (you will turn it back on when done).

2. Install redpill Spy
Use the link that redpill emailed you to download…

redpill Hacker 5

redpill Hacker 5 has been released. redpill Hacker is penetration testing software (ethical hacking) and can be used to monitor any number of computers (unlimited).

What's new in Version 5?

redpill Hacker has multiple hacking tools and various ways to create payloads (a payload is the delivery package that will secretly install the spy module that will monitor a computer).

Choosing the correct combination of payload type, attachment type and social engineering template to use is important to increase your chances of a successful hack. The type of payload you use will also depend on your target and objectives.

Version 5 will help you make the correct choices ...

With each selection the pro's and con's are explained to help you make the right choices when creating a payload. The payload setup screen has also been simplified.

redpill Hacker can turn anyone into a professional hacker. It will even create phishing websites and payload website for you.

For more information about…

Enter redpill Hacker

Congratulations on your purchase of redpill Hacker!
After you paid for redpill Hacker (you can purchase here) you will have to wait a couple hours as each customer gets a unique build - your own unique edition of redill Hacker! The reason for this is to help avoid detection.

When your redpill Hacker is ready redpill will email you a download link. Please follow the steps below to make sure you get the most out of your redpill Hacker.

Step 1: Download your install file and keep a copy Download your install file from the link that redpill emailed you. Save a copy of the install file in a safe place - preferable on a separate device. redpill do not keep copies as each customer gets a unique install file. If you loose your install file, you will need to pay the rebuild fee to get a new one.

Step 2: Install redpill Hacker and exclude from AV The payloads (spy install modules) redpill Hacker create has Anti-Virus Counter Detection and attempts to avoid detection. No attempts are however mad…

redpill Hacker payloads now supports PDF

redpill Hacker 4.1 is now available. redpill Hacker is a hacking program that allows you to create different types of payloads (spy install modules that can be remotely and secretly installed). You can create different types of payloads that you can customize. You can also choose from a list of attachment types.

Two new attachment types have been added in version 4.1:
PDF using normal file extension spoofing - this could also be done manually in the past. The new version has a payload with a PDF icon.PDF using RTLO Spoofing (Right To Left Override exploit). In the past it was needed to download and purchase a separate hacking tool to do this. This feature is now build into redpill Hacker. There is also a new PDF Lightweight payload that will have a PDF icon.
The payloads can perform various tasks including: installing key loggerssecretly taking screenshotssecretly sending you documents from the target computer.  For more information about redpill Hacker go to the redpill website:  www.r…

Legal to monitor employees

An European court just ruled that it is legal for employers to monitor employees. This ruling came after an employee took an employer to court for reading his personal and very private messages.
Read the full story here.

Remember that laws differ from country to country and you also need to look at the specifics of each case.

Legal doesn't always mean right.

Just because you are legally allowed to do something doesn't always mean it is morally the correct thing to do. You might (will) get employers that are more concerned (or even obsessed) with invading employees privacy than monitoring them to ensure company resources are not wasted.

The same thing goes for spouses that want to monitor each other. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If you are secretly monitoring your spouse, aren't you the one breaking the trust?

There are however times when spying is the right thing to do.

When you already know there is a problem - if you are 90% sure that your spouse is …