Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hacking was never so easy!

Professional Hacking was never so easy! redpill Hacker version 4 has been released - easier to use and more powerful!

New Enhancements in redpill Hacker 4:

The new version of redpill Hacker has more features but is easier to use!

Creating Payloads Made Easy with redpill Hacker 4 - Click to Enlarge
When making selections, detailed descriptions of each item selected are added to help you understand what will be created and how it works (see screenshot above - click to enlarge).

With redpill Hacker you could always have created many different payloads (covert install modules that secretly install spy programs on the target computer) and each one could be customized. Now, in version 4, you can also choose from different types of payloads performing different tasks with different levels of sophistication.

There are lightweight payloads that bypass the Windows UAC Warning message. Then there are also heavyweight payloads that perform a lot more tasks and return a lot more data that require a bit more social engineering. Even installing heavyweight payloads that require sophisticated social engineering is easy as redpill Hacker 4 comes with new and more advanced Social Engineering Templates:

Social Engineering Template in redpill Hacker 4
Attacking a target (hacking the target - installing a spy program remotely on the target computer) is also easier (and more fun!) in redpill Hacker 4:

As with previous versions you can choose to attack (install spy program) on a single target or install on multiple (unlimited) targets with the click of a button. In version 4 a section has been added to give you a detailed description of what you have selected to make sure you choose the correct social engineering template and payload for the job.

Other enhancements in version 4 include:

  • Payloads (spy install modules) are more difficult to detect.
  • New Document Grabber payload type that will secretly retrieve documents from the target computer.
  • New Fly-By payload will secretly take screenshots for a day. Will not start again after a computer restart like the full payload (that runs indefinitely, takes screenshots and log all keys), but as a lightweight payload it is more difficult to detect and will have a higher success rate.
  • General improvements to the redpill Hacker interface was made.
  • redpill Hacker 4 is more user friendly - easier to understand.
For more information about redpill Hacker go to the redpill website:

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