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How to get Saved Passwords on a Remote Computer

Keyloggers allow you to get everything that is typed including passwords. The problem is, what about passwords that are saved and that the target does not type. There are some spy software programs that will claim to retrieve these passwords but it is not always effective as it will depend on the type of browser or application that the target is using.

There is another way to get saved passwords: Use Social Engineering

First, you need to remotely install a key logger on the target computer using something like redpill Hacker or redpill Agent.

Then you use social engineering and get the target to change his passwords. You could send him an email or even give him a call with a message like this:

Hi Hackers found a new vulnerability in Windows that allows them to retrieve all your saved passwords on your computer. To protect yourself, do the following:Run Windows Updates and make sure you get the latest security updates that will include a security patch for the new vulnerability.Change al…