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redpill Agent vs redpill Hacker

A lot of customers wants to know what is the difference between redpill Agent and redpill Hacker. redpill Hacker is without question a better product as it can do everything that redpill Agent can do and much more. redpill Agent is however still an excellent product and redpill will keep on supporting redpill Agent.

redpill Agent is bit easier to use for the simple reason that there is much less that you can do. redpill Hacker is very user friendly, but will require that you watch the videos, read the articles and spend a little time getting familiar with how it works.

redpill Hacker is definitely for the more serious hacker. 

In short, here are the differences:
  • With redpill Agent you are limited to one email account for receiving data - so you are limited with the number of installs you can do. With redpill Hacker you can add as many email accounts as you want (unlimited installs).
  • redpill Agent can only be linked to a gmail account. That can sometimes be a problem if gmail forces you to change the password. Gmail is also limited to 500 emails per day. redpill Hacker can use gmail but is not limited to gmail. It can use any email service that supports SMTP.
  • redpill Agent uses Ghost Protocol so that your modules are part of a very small batch of users to reduce the risk of detection. redpill Hacker does not use Ghost Protocol as it is not needed - each customer gets a unique build - only you will have that specific version of redpill Hacker.
  • With redpill Agent you can choose from 5 different social engineering install modules and it allows to to specify your own. redpill Hacker on the other hand takes social engineering to a new level with a complete social engineering toolkit. There are a lot more templates to choose from and the templates are more advanced. It has a database, so you can also add as many templates as you want. 
  • Both products will secretly take screenshots and comes with a keylogger. redpill Hacker will also give you the public IP address of the target.
Then, there are features that only redpill Hacker has:
  • redpill Hacker can create phishing websites for you that you can use to retrieve usernames and passwords without needing to install anything on the target computer.These attacks works on all devices and platforms.
  • redpill Hacker has a database where you can save all your targets, email addresses, keep track of installations and much more.
  • redpill Hacker can email the payloads (install modules) for you by creating and sending personalized emails to the targets. It allows you to email a list of targets (any number) with the click of a button.
  • redpill Hacker can do dictionary attacks against email addresses. It comes with a database of 13 200 passwords (high quality commonly use passwords). You can also import more passwords if you want.
To see redpill Hacker in action search for 'redpill Hacker' on youtube and watch the videos.
To purchase redpill Hacker or redpill Agent go to


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