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Incremental Hacking

No hacking attempt is guaranteed. There is a lot that can go wrong when you attempt to remotely and secretly install spy software.

Things that can go wrong:

The target can choose not to open the payload. Even after some good social engineering, there will be a lot of targets that will know better than to open the attachment.The target can open the payload on a device (Operating System) that does not support the specific payload.The target computer can have a two-way firewall (not the standard Windows Firewall) that can block the data from being sent.The target computer can have very strict Anti-Virus that will block any program that is not known and trusted.

Ways to improve your chances of success:

The first thing you can do is use a targeted attack against a specific target. You find out as much as you can (facebook, google, etc) about the target. You can use information that might look very insignificant to others to improve your social engineering con (I will explain in more detail wi…

Setting up a FTP Server for redpill Hacker

redpill Hacker is a hacking tool (penetration testing tool) that allows you to do different types of 'attacks' on targets (the computers or persons you want to monitor/investigate). Some attacks like the Phishing Website Attack or a payload that is send with a link require a website (or at least a file hosting site for the link option).

You do not need an actual website as redpill Hacker will create the website for you (in the case of the phishing site) or you only need a place to host the file (in the case of the link attack). So all you need to get, is a website hosting option from a hosting company like Sites like godaddy offer cheap hosting options that also include a domain name.

With your hosting option, you will also get a FTP Server. The FTP Server is used to upload files to your website. In redpill Hacker, you can easily add the FTP Server. Open redpill Hacker and go to Resources > FTP Servers.

Your hosting company will give you the server name. It wil…

redpill Hacker 3.22 Released

redpill Hacker 3.22 has been released with the following enhancements:
The payloads has been improved to make them harder to detect. The changes include changes to avoid detection by the target (user) and anti-virus.
Note: One of the changes will cause a delay in the initial 'success message' and a delay before receiving the initial data. After the initial delay, data will be received in real time.The payloads will now also give the IP address of the target computer that can be used to look up the target location.A 'Delete All' was added to the target screen. This is useful if you want import targets (email addresses) from a file and attack targets in batches.  For more information about redpill Hacker, visit

redpill Hacker now with website phishing

redpill Hacker now with new website phishing feature. Training video shows how to get usernames and passwords from any device and any operating system.

For more information about redpill Hacker or more training videos visit: