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redpill Hacker 3 is available!

The new redpill Hacker 3 is more flexible with the way payloads are created and used. It also comes with a database of thousands of commonly used passwords and a Dictionary Attack tool to hack into email accounts. See the video for for a demonstration.

For more information about redpill Hacker visit the redpill website.

redpill Hacker - How to attack a large list of targets

redpill Hacker allows you to install  spy software on any number of computers (unlimited). If you decide to do a single attack on a large number of computers, you need to use a two phase attack to avoid detection. This video explains how to do it:

For more information about redpill Hacker, visit

Spy programs vs Anti-Virus

Is redpill spy products FUD? I get asked this question a lot. FUD (in some circles) means Fully UnDetectable spy programs.

The answer depends on what you mean with FUD. Some Anti-Virus packages will block and remove any program that is downloaded or received via email and is not a well known program. The program is not really detected as a known virus, and it does not even need to show any suspicions behavior, but is blocked and removed by some strict AV (Anti-Virus packages) because it is seen as a potential threat.

If you take that into consideration, no spy program can be completely undetectable (or FUD).

redpill products like redpill Hacker and redpill Agent gets past more Anti-Virus than most other spy programs. It however also depends on how you use your spy program. I will explain how to use your spy program, but first, it is important that you understand how detection works.

How Does Anti-Virus Software Detect Spy Programs?

AV companies basically detect spy software (and viruses…

redpill now accepts Bitcoin

redpill accepts credit/debit card payments for redpill Spy and redpill Detective, but not for the more 'hard core' penetration testing software like redpill Hacker and redpill Agent. For those products redpill uses Perfect Money and Webmoney.

Some customers complained as Perfect Money and Webmoney is not supported in the United States and difficult or expensive to load from some countries. To help those customers, redpill now also allow bitcoin payments that is available everywhere including in the US.

To purchase using bitcoin, just select that option in the Purchase page of the redpill website.

For more info about bitcoin click here. To get started is very simple and quick. You can install a wallet app from (tip: install a lightweight client and not a full node like Bitcoin Core as a full node needs to download tons of data).