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Email setup in redpill Hacker

In redpill Hacker you need to setup email accounts. Email accounts are used to send data from the spy module and also sending the attack module to the target. You can add as many email accounts as needed and you can use an email service that supports SMTP.

You will get the SMTP details from your email service provider. If you want to use gmail, you can use the settings below:

Email; your full gmail email addressUsername: again, your full gmail email addressPassword: your gmail passwordServer: 587Use SSL: Yes (check the box) Do a test (just click on Test). If you get a 5.5.1 error, read this.
Remember, you don't need to use gmail. Just added the settings here as a lot of users use gmail.

FTP Server for redpill Hacker

Update: This article is for an older version of redpill Hacker.Please see: Setting up a FTP Server in redpill Hacker
When to fill in the FTP details in redpill Hacker ...

When to use links

In redpill Hacker there are two Social Engineering Attack methods that would require the use of a FTP Server - a link or a website.

If you are new to redpill Hacker, I suggest you start with the easier attachment types like a program file, zip file, or Wordpad file, as these types do not require a FTP Server. When you choose one of these types, the FTP Settings are disabled.

Using a link as part of a social engineering attack is sometimes needed as some email services like gmail block attachment types like program files and zip files. Although Wordpad files are allowed in gmail, some other email services or anti-virus applications will block wordpad attachments that contain embedded program files.

How to use a link

A link in an email is just that - a 'link' that points to something somewhere e…

redpill Hacker - How to use Wordpad

redpill Hacker tutorial video that shows you how to use a Wordpad attack module. Wordpad attachments is not blocked by gmail or yahoo.

There are several different types of modules that can be used with redpill Hacker. More training videos will be coming soon ...

Spy Software Developer - TheCoder.Ninja

The programmer of the redpill spy products gets a new name, look and website:

Please note: still the same software developer. The redpill website and redpill products will not be affected. Still working hard on new and better spy software

redpill Hacker Tutorial Video

Tutorial Video that shows you how to use redpill Hacker to install spy software remotely and secretly on multiple (unlimited) computers anywhere in the world.

For more information about redpill Hacker visit: