Monday, 30 March 2015

redpill Hacker Version 2 Released

redpill Hacker 2 is now available!

redpill Hacker now allows you to install on multiple targets with a click of a button. It now includes a target database (email addresses of the persons you want to monitor) as well as new Social Engineering Templates.
  • You can now specify multiple targets (persons you want to monitor) in redpill Hacker. 
  • You can now choose from Social Engineering Templates and add your own.
  • redpill Hacker will automatically send personalized emails (using the Social Engineering Templates) to multiple targets with the click of a button.
  • The install modules or link to install modules will automatically be added in the email.
As with the previous version, any number of install modules can be created. Supported formats include .zip, .rtf, .exe and links.

For more information about redpill Hacker and other spy software products visit:

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