Thursday, 12 March 2015

redpill Hacker Email Accounts

redpill Hacker allows you to setup and use multiple (unlimited) email accounts for sending and receiving data. This article explains how email accounts are used in redpill Hacker.

When using redpill Hacker, there is usually three email accounts involved:
  1. Email account for sending data (Delivery Email Account).The Spy Module will use this account to secretly send the data via email.
  2. Email account for receiving the data. 
  3. The email account that you will use to communicate with the target (for social engineering) and to email the install module.
Note: You can use the same email account for all three tasks.

The email account to receive data you only specify when creating the install module and the email account you will use to communicate with the target you do not need to specify in redpill Hacker. Setting up the email account for sending the data is a bit more tricky so we will look at how that is done.

Setting up an email account in redpill Hacker

In redpill Hacker click on 'Email Accounts'. The Email Account form will open.

The email account that you want to use to send the data (Delivery Email Account) needs to be an email that supports SMTP. If you are using a private email or company email address your email service provider will be able to supply you with the SMTP details. You can also use gmail ( for this.

If you want to use gmail, simply check the 'Use Gmail' box. The gmail SMTP settings will be added for you. Note that with gmail, your username is the same as your email address (see example above).

You can then just click on add and use the email account at any time.

Testing Emails

Before you send the install module to the target it is important to test your settings to make sure it is correct. Once you have emailed the target the install module you cannot change it. You will need to email another one if you made a mistake. 

To test it, simply select the email account for sending the data and enter the email account you want to use to receive the data.

You then simply click on 'Send Test Email'. You should receive a test email.

If you are using gmail and you get the following message:
The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was notauthenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required.
Read this article to fix it.

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