Monday, 2 February 2015

New hacking tool for professionals

New spy program from redpill: redpill Hacker

All the power of redpill Agent but with no limits (unlimited installs), not linked to gmail and with delivery package creation!!

redpill Hacker is the ultimate hacking tool for professional hackers!
  • Remotely and secretly install on computers anywhere in the world.
  • Records all key strokes (key logger) and take screenshots.
  • Unlimited installs!!
  • Unlike redpill Agent, you are not limited to link your install modules to gmail. You can link each install module to a different email account and use any SMTP email service.
Various Delivery Methods for Remote Install:
  • Application
  • Email Wordpad File - The system will assist you in creating the wordpad file.
  • Email ZIP File - The system will create the zip file for you.
  • Email a link - The system will create the link for you!
  • Website - The system will upload the install module to the website.
Each customer gets a uniquely build version. No Anti-Virus will know about your spy program as you will be the only one that is using it!! If you did a lot of installs and your spy program becomes known (detected by anti-virus) you can request a rebuild for a small fee.

For more information about redpill Hacker visit the redpill website.

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