Wednesday, 11 February 2015

FUD Spy Programs

FUD - no, not 'Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt ' but Fully UnDetectable Spy Software means Key Loggers and other Spy Programs that can get past Anti-Virus systems.

Some hackers use Crypting programs to make spy programs and key loggers undetectable.The crypting programs does not encrypt the program files as that would make them unusable, instead the code within the file is scrambled. The problem with these programs is that although the file might no longer be detected by anti-virus, the file becomes damaged and unusable (the crypting program causes problems within the program file.

redpill have been using a unique set of features and processes to make their spy programs undetectable. With redpill Agent, these features and processes are applied with Ghost Protocol.

redpill has just released Version 2 of Ghost Protocol that has a lot more enhanced features and processes that include:
  • Code Obfuscation and Scrambling (basically what a Crypting program does).
  • String and Resource Encryption
  • Code Fogging (a term coined by redpill) - Actual code is hidden within 'tons' of FOG code (actual code performing actual tasks generated by a redpill in-house program)

The above processes are run daily on the redpill modules. Apart from these processes, redpill has also developed various counter detection measures that include:
  • Using unique file names, folders and keys with EACH installation.
  • Several features to hide or mask the nature and purpose of the program.
  • Some more Counter Detection Measures that cannot be listed as it is trade secrets. 

redpill Agent users will automatically get the new version of Ghost Protocol the next time they activate it or if they purchase a new redpill Agent license.

Please Note: 
No program is really FUD. They might get past an initial scan as they get past the fingerprint scan method (known malware detection) but they can then be detected as the behaviour of the program is suspicious. Some Anti-Virus (depending on the settings) will flag any program as possible malware if it is not known and if it has been downloaded or received via email. redpill strive to get past the most Anti-Virus software and as close to FUD as possible but cannot guarantee that we will get past ALL Anti-Virus all of the time. Please report high detection rates.

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  1. I have tried this app, and cant say anything bad or good.
    But I also recommend to use m spy and flexispy software which is slightly better