Saturday, 28 February 2015

redpill Agent gets past 93% of Anti-Virus Detection

redpill Agent now gets past 93% of anti-virus detection. 

redpill Agent with the new version of Ghost Protocol got past popular Anti-Virus packages like Avast, AVG and 36 other top anti-virus packages.

On 2015-02-28 redpill ran an install module of redpill Agent through 39 anti-virus scanners (all up to date with the latest anti-virus defenitions) and only had a 7% detection rate (see results in image above). Only 3 of the 39 packages marked the redpill Agent install module as a potential threat. These 3 that did detect redpill Agent is not widely used as they are known for having a lot of False Positives (detecting programs as viruses when they are not).

redpill improved counter detection on all redpill spy products including redpill Spy and redpill Hacker. redpill Hacker has even a lower detection rate than redpill Agent. 

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

FUD Spy Programs

FUD - no, not 'Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt ' but Fully UnDetectable Spy Software means Key Loggers and other Spy Programs that can get past Anti-Virus systems.

Some hackers use Crypting programs to make spy programs and key loggers undetectable.The crypting programs does not encrypt the program files as that would make them unusable, instead the code within the file is scrambled. The problem with these programs is that although the file might no longer be detected by anti-virus, the file becomes damaged and unusable (the crypting program causes problems within the program file.

redpill have been using a unique set of features and processes to make their spy programs undetectable. With redpill Agent, these features and processes are applied with Ghost Protocol.

redpill has just released Version 2 of Ghost Protocol that has a lot more enhanced features and processes that include:
  • Code Obfuscation and Scrambling (basically what a Crypting program does).
  • String and Resource Encryption
  • Code Fogging (a term coined by redpill) - Actual code is hidden within 'tons' of FOG code (actual code performing actual tasks generated by a redpill in-house program)

The above processes are run daily on the redpill modules. Apart from these processes, redpill has also developed various counter detection measures that include:
  • Using unique file names, folders and keys with EACH installation.
  • Several features to hide or mask the nature and purpose of the program.
  • Some more Counter Detection Measures that cannot be listed as it is trade secrets. 

redpill Agent users will automatically get the new version of Ghost Protocol the next time they activate it or if they purchase a new redpill Agent license.

Please Note: 
No program is really FUD. They might get past an initial scan as they get past the fingerprint scan method (known malware detection) but they can then be detected as the behaviour of the program is suspicious. Some Anti-Virus (depending on the settings) will flag any program as possible malware if it is not known and if it has been downloaded or received via email. redpill strive to get past the most Anti-Virus software and as close to FUD as possible but cannot guarantee that we will get past ALL Anti-Virus all of the time. Please report high detection rates.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Install Spy Program with a Link from a Legit Website

Some hard targets (users that are security conscious) will not open an attachment or click on any link in an email. Sending a link in an email is easy ... making sure it looks legit and trustworthy is a bit more work.

This video is a tutorial on how to remotely install redpill Agent with a link in a email that comes from a real website.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Problems receiving your emails from redpill Agent?

Not receiving your emails in gmail from redpill Agent and getting the following error when you do a test?
The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not
authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required
Follow the steps below to fix the problem:

Usually the problem is that an incorrect password was entered for gmail in the 'Spy Install Module' creation page. Create a new install module and make sure you enter the correct gmail password for your account.

If you are sure your password in the install module is correct and you still have the same problem, do the following:

Open your gmail account and go to Settings.Go to the 'Accounts and Import' Tab and click on 'Other Google Account Settings'.

Go down to the 'Signing In' Section.

Turn 2-Step Verification is 'Off' and change 'Access for less secure apps' to 'Allowed'.
You should now start receiving the data from redpill Agent.

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Monday, 2 February 2015

redpill Hacker with Custom Website

redpill released a new powerful spy program called redpill Hacker. One of the program features is to create different delivery packages. Using a custom website as a delivery package has been proven to have the best success rate of all delivery methods.

A lot of computer users know not to open attachments or click on links in emails. You can get past some of them by using social engineering and winning their trust before sending the link or attachment, but some hard targets (security aware users) might still be a problem.For those targets, a custom web option is your best choice.

How the Custom Website Delivery Method Works:

As mentioned, a lot of users will not open an attachment or click on a link, but they might be willing to install a useful application directly from the providers website. The key is to choose a product that the target will be interested in.

Depending on your target, you can think of an application/product that the target will be interested in. Examples would be:
  • Secure Chat Application - you email the target telling him about the great secure chat app that you want to use to chat with him.
  • Hobby - you use facebook to find out what the target's hobby or interests is and then choose a program that he would want to install. You then just tell him about the great program (on facebook, via email, etc).
  • Virus Removal Tool 
  • etc.
After you chose your product, the following happens:
  1. You contact redpill that will develop the custom website for you.
  2. You purchase the domain and hosting from a hosting company like GoDaddy (not expensive, but wait for instructions from redpill as there are some specific requirements needed for the hosting)
  3. You use redpill Hacker to upload your 'product' to the website.
From the target side, the following will happen:
  1. You will send them a email or message on facebook telling them about this great free product.
  2. They will go to the website and see it is a real product (website will look legit).
  3. They click on the Install button on the website but will then receive a message saying 'computer is not compatible', 'virus was removed' ...or any message you want depending on the product you chose.
  4. They will think the installation failed or the operation completed but instead the spy program would have been installed.
  5. You will start to receive data.
You can use your website for multiple installations. You can just use redpill Hacker to update your module after each install so that you will receive the data in separate accounts. 

Please note:
  • redpill gives a price option for 'redpill Hacker with Custom Website'. The website will be a simple 3-4  page website with a main page, feature page, download page and contact page (can be changed for other pages depending on your product) Basic graphics will be included. If you have more advanced requirements it will be charged for extra.
  • The price for the hosting and domain registration is not included. You will need to purchase it separately (not expensive). For legal reasons redpill will not purchase the domain or do the hosting.
  • This method should only be used in targeted installs and not for phishing (if you do, your website might be flagged as malicious).
  • redpill Hacker or your website should not be used illegally.
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New hacking tool for professionals

New spy program from redpill: redpill Hacker

All the power of redpill Agent but with no limits (unlimited installs), not linked to gmail and with delivery package creation!!

redpill Hacker is the ultimate hacking tool for professional hackers!
  • Remotely and secretly install on computers anywhere in the world.
  • Records all key strokes (key logger) and take screenshots.
  • Unlimited installs!!
  • Unlike redpill Agent, you are not limited to link your install modules to gmail. You can link each install module to a different email account and use any SMTP email service.
Various Delivery Methods for Remote Install:
  • Application
  • Email Wordpad File - The system will assist you in creating the wordpad file.
  • Email ZIP File - The system will create the zip file for you.
  • Email a link - The system will create the link for you!
  • Website - The system will upload the install module to the website.
Each customer gets a uniquely build version. No Anti-Virus will know about your spy program as you will be the only one that is using it!! If you did a lot of installs and your spy program becomes known (detected by anti-virus) you can request a rebuild for a small fee.

For more information about redpill Hacker visit the redpill website.