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Unlimited Remote Installations - FUD

redpill Agent has been proven to be one of the best spy programs available. It can be secretly and remotely installed on any computer and is available for only $ 59.95. What is more is that you can install on  more than one computer with one license.

The installations however is not unlimited. All the data you receive is linked to one gmail account and if you choose to monitor too many computers with one license, you start to get problems. Read the full article of how multiple installations affect your gmail account here.

There is a better option available if you are serious about hacking:

Ask redpill to develop your own unique version of redpill Agent. For $ 600 they will develop a spy program for you that can do everything redpill Agent can ... and more:
You get your own install module generator that can create unlimited install modules.Each install module can be linked to a different email account (to receive and send the data).You can, but do not need to use gmail. It can use any SM…