Thursday, 23 October 2014

redpill Spy 6.01 available

redpill Spy 6.01 is available for download. Some enhancements in this version include better detection avoidance techniques and the ability to take screenshots every 5 seconds (in version 6 the minimum interval was 20 seconds).

redpill Spy 6 is a spy program (key logger) with the following features:
  • Logs all keys typed including usernames and passwords.
  • Takes screenshots (of what the person is looking at on the computer).
  • Secretly takes webcam pictures.
  • Excellent remote monitoring. In version 5 you would only receive screenshots remotely when specific words where typed. Now you can specify to receive all screenshots remotely. 
  • Completely hidden and discreet.
There is no longer a free download for redpill Spy. Please contact redpill if you want to install redpill Spy 6.

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