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redpill Spy 6.01 available

redpill Spy 6.01 is available for download. Some enhancements in this version include better detection avoidance techniques and the ability to take screenshots every 5 seconds (in version 6 the minimum interval was 20 seconds).

redpill Spy 6 is a spy program (key logger) with the following features:
Logs all keys typed including usernames and passwords.Takes screenshots (of what the person is looking at on the computer).Secretly takes webcam pictures.Excellent remote monitoring. In version 5 you would only receive screenshots remotely when specific words where typed. Now you can specify to receive all screenshots remotely. Completely hidden and discreet. There is no longer a free download for redpill Spy. Please contact redpill if you want to install redpill Spy 6.

redpill Agent Install Modules

The spy programredpill Agent is still a once off payment and the license does not expire. After your account has been created you can download install modules and use the modules to install remotely and secretly as long as needed.

redpill has however made a change in the redpill Agent system in that you can no longer download new install modules if Ghost Protocol is not active.

When you purchase a new license, Ghost Protocol is included for 20 days. That is more than enough time to download a couple of install modules. Once downloaded you can use these modules as long as you want. The system will not allow you to download a new module if GP is not active.

In the past, you could have downloaded modules without GP. These modules would then just have been created without the Ghost Protocols. redpill no longer allow this because these modules (without GP) has a very high anti-virus detection rate.

To see why it might be needed to activate GP again, see our article Ghost Protocol Explaine…