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Ghost Protocol Explained

We previously posted an article that explained what Ghost Protocol is and how it works. We however still receive a lot of questions on how it works and when it is needed.

Ghost Protocol is needed to reduce the anti virus detection rate of redpill Agent.

If you think of redpill Agent as a virus, then Ghost Protocol allows you to create a new strain of the virus (redpill Agent). 

It is still the same virus (redpill Agent), just a new strain that is not known and not easily detected. 

When you create new install modules with GP active, a new strain of redpill Agent is created that is not known by anti-virus companies. Once installed, it is possible that over time your specific strain of redpill Agent becomes known and removed by some Anti Virus packages.

If you then simply reinstall with the install modules that you created the previous time you installed, then the installations will immediately be detected and removed. What you need to do is to create new install modules with GP active a…