Thursday, 8 May 2014

Where is the FREE redpill Spy?

redpill was forced to discontinue the free edition of their spy program, redpill Spy.

The FREE Edition was discontinued for the following reasons:

  • The 'powers that be' (service provider) became nervous and threatened to block the IP Address of the redpill website because it was making a free download available of a 'notorious spy program'. 
  • Because the free edition of redpill Spy was so popular, it was on top of the 'most wanted' list of all the anti-virus companies. By restricting redpill Spy to paying customers and by applying the unique redpill counter detection measures, redpill Spy will again be one of the least detected spy programs. 

redpill Spy is no longer available as a free download. To purchase redpill Spy, go to and click on Purchase.


  1. Does Red Pill work on Blackberry smart phones? I need to find a way to install a spy ware app onto my daughters phone. I've been hearing terrible things that she's doing on BBM and Whatsapp. I need to get confirmation before acting. please can someone advise. I am very heartsore, disturb and desperate.

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