Friday, 9 May 2014

redpill Detective Discontinued

redpill Detective has been discontinued. Current licenses (subscriptions) will be supported but will not be renewed. As an alternative, redpill Agent can be used. redpill Agent is a better option that redpill Detective for the following reasons:

  • With redpill Detective, you can only see the last 3 screenshots. With redpill Agent, all screenshots are also received in real time but is stored in your gmail account. 
  • With redpill Agent you receive more data (screenshots and key data).
  • redpill Agent is a once off payment. No subscriptions and no license that expires.
For a very limited time (next couple of days), redpill Detective customers can purchase a redpill Agent license at 40% discount. Normal price is $ 79.00. The discount price is $ 47.00.

Please contact redpill to purchase redpill Agent.

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