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How to buy hard-core spy software

Buying a spy program like redpill Spy is easy as you can use paypal or a credit card. Buying software like redpill Agent or redpill Hacker is a bit more tricky as redpill does not allow paypal or credit card payments for redpill Agent.

Why does redpill accept paypal and credit card payments only for some products?

redpill Spy is more mainstream computer monitoring software. It is great if you want to secretly monitor your spouse, employees or kids. You can even set it up to monitor someone remotely. You cannot however install redpill Spy remotely.

redpill Agent and redpill Hacker are hard-core spy software that can secretly and remotely be installed on a computer anywhere in the world.

There are several reasons why redpill does not allow Credit Card or Paypal payments for these products:
  • Customers who purchase 'hard-core' hacking software usually prefer to stay anonymous. Paypal or other payment systems like Avangate is not anonymous.
  • It is against the user agreements of systems like Paypal to sell software like redpill Agent.
  • These products sometimes tend to attract the 'wrong crowd' who doesn't have a problem with Chargeback Fraud or even paying with stolen credit cards. 
OK, so how do you buy redpill Agent or redpill Hacker?

If you are in South Africa, you can do a cash deposit at an ATM. Go to, click on Purchase and select Cash Deposit as payment option.

If you are not in South Africa, you can pay with Perfect Money, Webmoney or Bitcoins. If you don't have one of these accounts we suggest you open a Perfect Money account as it is easier to work with and there are more options to load and withdraw money.

To open a Perfect Money account go to There are several ways to load your PM account.
Using Bitcoins is easier than you think. To start, simply download the free app.

To pay with these methods, go to, click on Purchase and select the method you want to use.

What about Western Union? redpill does not accept Western Union directly, but you can load your Perfect Money account with Western Union and then pay with Perfect Money.


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