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How to secretly install redpill Spy

redpill Spy is hidden and discreet, but there are a couple of things to remember when you install.

Note: redpill Spy cannot be installed remotely. To remotely and secretly install a spy program you need to use redpill Agent or redpill Detective.

Things to remember when installing redpill Spy:

After you downloaded redpill spy from the redpill website will be in your browser history. You should clear your browser history. Alternatively you can download the instal file from another computer and install using a memory stick.The install file itself is not needed after the installation. Delete the install file if it was downloaded or copied onto the computer you want to monitor.Keep the SHIFT key pressed in when you click on DELETE so that the file is permanently deleted and not sent to the recycle bin.redpill Spy is completely hidden and can only be opened by typing your secret password. The default password (ispy) is well known, so you should remember to change your defaul…