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Remotely install a spy program with redpill Agent

We previously explained how to install spy software remotely in our article: How to remotely install spy software. This article used redpill Detective for the spy program and Wordpad as the delivery method. Some of our customers requested that we post an article on how to install remotely using redpill Agent as the spy program with a different delivery method. 
Instructions on how to install with redpill Agent:
Before we begin ... It is important to remember that no covert (secret, without the user knowing about the installation) remote installation is guaranteed. There are many factors that can cause an installation to fail including the type of operating system the user is using, the anit-virus he is using and if he has an additional two-way firewall installed.
The success of your installation has a lot to do with your ability to convince the target (user you want to monitor) to open the attachment even if he gets a warning that the program is unknown and potentially malware … we will …