Friday, 31 January 2014

Start your own Spy Software Business with Spy Merchant

redpill has a new product called Spy Merchant. It is everything you need to start your own Spy Software business. The Spy Merchant Kit includes:

  • Your very own spy program with the name and other info (company information, support emails, website info) of your choice.
  • The Spy Merchant program that generates keys (licenses) for as many programs as you need. The Spy Merchant does order processing for you. It is a full customer database system that keeps track of all sales and customers and allows you to quickly complete orders by automatically emailing customers their license keys!

The Spy Merchant has a unique licensing system that will make sure each copy of the program  (that is working) is paid for. It links a key to a specific computer (hardware). 

redpill is selling this full Spy Software Business kit for a ridiculous low price of $ 695.00 for a limited time only!!

For more information about Spy Merchant, go to the Spy Merchant Website.

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