Friday, 17 January 2014

Anti-Anti-Virus for FREE Spy Program

redpill Spy is a FREE spy program that is very popular … but that is also the problem … because it is so popular and there are thousands of installations, it is also on all the Anti-Virus companies 'radars'.

We at redpill understand their problem: If your anti-virus can't even detect and remove a FREE well known spy program like redpill Spy, then it is time to change your anti-virus.

On the other hand, we believe that we offer a service for people who don't have money for a private detective but are convinced that their partner is having an affair and just need that final proof … people who don't want to be 'the victim' and deserve to know the truth.

For those people, redpill has again improved it's counter detection measures for redpill Spy.

Redpill Spy can be downloaded from:

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