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Unlimited Remote Installations - FUD

redpill Agent has been proven to be one of the best spy programs available. It can be secretly and remotely installed on any computer and is available for only $ 59.95. What is more is that you can install on  more than one computer with one license.

The installations however is not unlimited. All the data you receive is linked to one gmail account and if you choose to monitor too many computers with one license, you start to get problems. Read the full article of how multiple installations affect your gmail account here.

There is a better option available if you are serious about hacking:

Ask redpill to develop your own unique version of redpill Agent. For $ 600 they will develop a spy program for you that can do everything redpill Agent can ... and more:
You get your own install module generator that can create unlimited install modules.Each install module can be linked to a different email account (to receive and send the data).You can, but do not need to use gmail. It can use any SM…

redpill Spy 6.01 available

redpill Spy 6.01 is available for download. Some enhancements in this version include better detection avoidance techniques and the ability to take screenshots every 5 seconds (in version 6 the minimum interval was 20 seconds).

redpill Spy 6 is a spy program (key logger) with the following features:
Logs all keys typed including usernames and passwords.Takes screenshots (of what the person is looking at on the computer).Secretly takes webcam pictures.Excellent remote monitoring. In version 5 you would only receive screenshots remotely when specific words where typed. Now you can specify to receive all screenshots remotely. Completely hidden and discreet. There is no longer a free download for redpill Spy. Please contact redpill if you want to install redpill Spy 6.

redpill Agent Install Modules

The spy programredpill Agent is still a once off payment and the license does not expire. After your account has been created you can download install modules and use the modules to install remotely and secretly as long as needed.

redpill has however made a change in the redpill Agent system in that you can no longer download new install modules if Ghost Protocol is not active.

When you purchase a new license, Ghost Protocol is included for 20 days. That is more than enough time to download a couple of install modules. Once downloaded you can use these modules as long as you want. The system will not allow you to download a new module if GP is not active.

In the past, you could have downloaded modules without GP. These modules would then just have been created without the Ghost Protocols. redpill no longer allow this because these modules (without GP) has a very high anti-virus detection rate.

To see why it might be needed to activate GP again, see our article Ghost Protocol Explaine…

Ghost Protocol Explained

We previously posted an article that explained what Ghost Protocol is and how it works. We however still receive a lot of questions on how it works and when it is needed.

Ghost Protocol is needed to reduce the anti virus detection rate of redpill Agent.

If you think of redpill Agent as a virus, then Ghost Protocol allows you to create a new strain of the virus (redpill Agent). 

It is still the same virus (redpill Agent), just a new strain that is not known and not easily detected. 

When you create new install modules with GP active, a new strain of redpill Agent is created that is not known by anti-virus companies. Once installed, it is possible that over time your specific strain of redpill Agent becomes known and removed by some Anti Virus packages.

If you then simply reinstall with the install modules that you created the previous time you installed, then the installations will immediately be detected and removed. What you need to do is to create new install modules with GP active a…

Spy program that takes webcam pictures

redpill Spy 6 is now available and it now also secretly takes webcam pictures!!

You can specify when pictures are taken, when someone is working on the computer or even during specific time of the day (or both). You can also receive the pictures that are taken via email.

Other enhancements include:

Better remote monitoring. All screenshots (pictures of the screen of the computer) can now also be emailed. In version 5 you only received screenshots remotely when alert words where typed. Better anti-virus counter detection measures.

For more information about redpill Spy go to

Note to existing customers:
All minor upgrades are free. You can upgrade to Version 6 for a discount price.
redpill Spy 6 does not have a BASIC or PRO edition. There is only the full edition.

How to hack an email account

Video to show you how to hack the email account of your spouse.
For more information about redpill Spy, go to

How to attach a spy program to an email

We regularly post articles about how to attach a spy program (redpill install module) to an email. Email service providers like gmail are continuously improving their detection methods and becoming more strict with what you are allowed to attach. For that reason, we have to continually look at new options of sending a spy program via email.

We will be looking at gmail for an example as gmail has the strictest policies when it comes to attachments. See below for the attachment file type policy of gmail.

Gmail will not allow you to attach an EXE, not even if you zip it. Encrypting the file within the zip file doesn't work either and even trying to zip an encrypted file within another zip file doesn't work.

So how do you send a spy program (or any application) via gmail? Lets look at a couple of options:

Using an encrypted RAR file.

You could use WinRar and then choose to encrypt the filename as well (winrar can also create zip files  and encrypt the file inside a zip file … but no…

redpill Detective is back!

redpill Detective is back! 
redpill Detective is back after sales were suspended for two months. Existing customers can also now again renew their licenses.

More good news: redpill Detective is now only $ 39.95 !

The current version has also been upgraded again to improve counter detection.

redpill Detective is a spy program that can be installed remotely (and covertly) on a computer anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

Price cuts on all spy programs!

redpill has reduces prices on all spy programs:

redpill Spy Basic was $ 39.95 ... new price: $ 19.95redpill Spy Pro was $ 59.95 ... new price: $ 29.95redpill Detective was $ 69.95 ... new price: $ 39.95redpill Agent was $ 79.95 ... new price: $ 59.95 Visit the redpill website at: for more information and to purchase your spy program.

Ghost Protocol and redpill Agent improved

Ghost Protocol is a set of procedures and rules that can be implemented when creating a redpill Agent install module. It will reduce the rate of anti-spyware detection of the redpill Agent install module.

redpill has again improved Ghost Protocol and redpill Agent to ensure the highest possible success rate when installing. The new updates will be available to new customers and existing customers that enable Ghost Protocol from their account.

redpill Agent is a spy program that can secretly and remotely be installed on a computer anywhere in the world. For more information about redpill Agent please visit

How to buy hard-core spy software

Buying a spy program like redpill Spy is easy as you can use paypal or a credit card. Buying software like redpill Agent or redpill Hacker is a bit more tricky as redpill does not allow paypal or credit card payments for redpill Agent.

Why does redpill accept paypal and credit card payments only for some products?

redpill Spy is more mainstream computer monitoring software. It is great if you want to secretly monitor your spouse, employees or kids. You can even set it up to monitor someone remotely. You cannot however install redpill Spy remotely.

redpill Agent and redpill Hacker are hard-core spy software that can secretly and remotely be installed on a computer anywhere in the world.

There are several reasons why redpill does not allow Credit Card or Paypal payments for these products:
Customers who purchase 'hard-core' hacking software usually prefer to stay anonymous. Paypal or other payment systems like Avangate is not anonymous.It is against the user agreements of systems …

redpill Detective Discontinued

redpill Detective has been discontinued. Current licenses (subscriptions) will be supported but will not be renewed. As an alternative, redpill Agent can be used. redpill Agent is a better option that redpill Detective for the following reasons:

With redpill Detective, you can only see the last 3 screenshots. With redpill Agent, all screenshots are also received in real time but is stored in your gmail account. With redpill Agent you receive more data (screenshots and key data).redpill Agent is a once off payment. No subscriptions and no license that expires.For a very limited time (next couple of days), redpill Detective customers can purchase a redpill Agent license at 40% discount. Normal price is $ 79.00. The discount price is $ 47.00.

Please contact redpill to purchase redpill Agent.

Where is the FREE redpill Spy?

redpill was forced to discontinue the free edition of their spy program, redpill Spy.

The FREE Edition was discontinued for the following reasons:

The 'powers that be' (service provider) became nervous and threatened to block the IP Address of the redpill website because it was making a free download available of a 'notorious spy program'. Because the free edition of redpill Spy was so popular, it was on top of the 'most wanted' list of all the anti-virus companies. By restricting redpill Spy to paying customers and by applying the unique redpill counter detection measures, redpill Spy will again be one of the least detected spy programs. 
redpill Spy is no longer available as a free download. To purchase redpill Spy, go to and click on Purchase.

How to secretly install redpill Spy

redpill Spy is hidden and discreet, but there are a couple of things to remember when you install.

Note: redpill Spy cannot be installed remotely. To remotely and secretly install a spy program you need to use redpill Agent or redpill Detective.

Things to remember when installing redpill Spy:

After you downloaded redpill spy from the redpill website will be in your browser history. You should clear your browser history. Alternatively you can download the instal file from another computer and install using a memory stick.The install file itself is not needed after the installation. Delete the install file if it was downloaded or copied onto the computer you want to monitor.Keep the SHIFT key pressed in when you click on DELETE so that the file is permanently deleted and not sent to the recycle bin.redpill Spy is completely hidden and can only be opened by typing your secret password. The default password (ispy) is well known, so you should remember to change your defaul…

Counter Detection improved for redpill Agent

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware companies are continuously busy inventing new ways of detecting spy software. On the other side, spy software companies like redpill are continuously busy coming up with new ways of avoiding detection.

redpill has just released a new update for redpill Agent, their spy program that can be installed remotely and covertly. The new update includes a new (never before used) measure to avoid detection. The details of this measure is obviously secret.

Please note:

We cannot guarantee that redpill Agent will get past all anti-virus programs, but with the new update it should get past most. Existing customers will need to activate Ghost Protocol to get the new counter detection measure.The new measure is already available for redpill Agent and should be available for redpill Detective by the 2nd of April 2014.

Remotely install a spy program with redpill Agent

We previously explained how to install spy software remotely in our article: How to remotely install spy software. This article used redpill Detective for the spy program and Wordpad as the delivery method. Some of our customers requested that we post an article on how to install remotely using redpill Agent as the spy program with a different delivery method. 
Instructions on how to install with redpill Agent:
Before we begin ... It is important to remember that no covert (secret, without the user knowing about the installation) remote installation is guaranteed. There are many factors that can cause an installation to fail including the type of operating system the user is using, the anit-virus he is using and if he has an additional two-way firewall installed.
The success of your installation has a lot to do with your ability to convince the target (user you want to monitor) to open the attachment even if he gets a warning that the program is unknown and potentially malware … we will …

Start your own Spy Software Business with Spy Merchant

redpill has a new product called Spy Merchant. It is everything you need to start your own Spy Software business. The Spy Merchant Kit includes:

Your very own spy program with the name and other info (company information, support emails, website info) of your choice.The Spy Merchant program that generates keys (licenses) for as many programs as you need. The Spy Merchant does order processing for you. It is a full customer database system that keeps track of all sales and customers and allows you to quickly complete orders by automatically emailing customers their license keys!

The Spy Merchant has a unique licensing system that will make sure each copy of the program  (that is working) is paid for. It links a key to a specific computer (hardware). 
redpill is selling this full Spy Software Business kit for a ridiculous low price of $ 695.00 for a limited time only!!
For more information about Spy Merchant, go to the Spy Merchant Website.

Anti-Anti-Virus for FREE Spy Program

redpill Spy is a FREE spy program that is very popular … but that is also the problem … because it is so popular and there are thousands of installations, it is also on all the Anti-Virus companies 'radars'.

We at redpill understand their problem: If your anti-virus can't even detect and remove a FREE well known spy program like redpill Spy, then it is time to change your anti-virus.

On the other hand, we believe that we offer a service for people who don't have money for a private detective but are convinced that their partner is having an affair and just need that final proof … people who don't want to be 'the victim' and deserve to know the truth.

For those people, redpill has again improved it's counter detection measures for redpill Spy.

Redpill Spy can be downloaded from:

redpill improves Ghost Protocol

redpill has again improved its Ghost Protocol.

Software Security and Anti-Virus companies focus on popular spy programs that can be installed remotely like redpill Agent. Any changes done to spy programs like these are very quickly picked up and added to their virus databases. redpill has come up with an ingenious plan to counter this: Ghost Protocol.

redpill customers has the option to enable Ghost Protocol when creating redpill Agent install modules. When Ghost Protocol is active, the redpill Agent install module that is being created will go through an additional set of procedures and protocols to reduce the risk of detection.

Note to redpill Agent customers:
Remember it is only needed to activate GP when creating new install modules. Once created you don't need to keep it active in your account. New redpill Agent customers get GP for 20 days at no additional cost and it can be activated again at any time for a small fee.