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Spy Software for Windows 8

redpill has tested the following spy applications on Windows 8:

redpill Spy Light - The FREE spy programredpill Spy BASICredpill Spy PRO - Tests included remote monitoring.redpill Detective - Tests included remote installation and remote monitoring.redpill Agent - Tests included remote installation and remote monitoring. All the redpill Spy programs passed the Windows 8 test.
redpill is also continually busy updating their software to avoid detection by most anti-virus packages.

What spy program to use to monitor multiple computers remotely

redpill has three spy programs that can monitor a computer remotely. Two of these spy products, redpill Agent and redpill Detective, allow you to install remotely and to monitor multiple computers.

redpill Detective has been designed so that you can monitor multiple computers from your account (control panel) but you need to purchase a license for each computer. For that reason, a lot of redpill customers prefer redpill Agent as you can monitor multiple computers with one license.

How many computers can redpill Agent monitor?

There is no set limit, but it is also not unlimited … let me explain …

Unlike redpill Detective where you view the data in your redpill account, redpill Agent will email you the data to your gmail email address. redpill Agent will also use your account to send the data (to yourself). Gmail has a limit of 500 emails per day. So at some point it will not be logical to add more computers to your account.

The number of emails each computer will send will depend on how…