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redpill Agent beats Norton and Yahoo mail

If you are familiar with spy software you will know that there is a non stop battle going on between spy software vendors like redpill and anti-virus companies like Norton. As anti-virus companies finds new ways to detect spy programs, companies like redpill finds new ways to stay undetected.

There are two ways to install redpill Agent remotely via email:
  1. By sending the target a link 
  2. By attaching the install module to the email (either as a zipped file or embedded into wordpad)
Recently, Yahoo started using Norton to scan their attachments and redpill Agent was detected if the second method where used even when embedded into a wordpad file.

On 2013/08/03 redpill released a new version of redpill Agent that gets past the Norton scan of Yahoo if Ghost Protocol is active. It is now again possible to use the second method of installing when sending an email from or two a Yahoo email address.

redpill Agent will also now again get past most anti-virus scans.

Please note: No remote installation is guaranteed and it is possible that that Norton or other anti-virus packages might again detect redpill Agent. redpill will continue to improve their counter detection measures.


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