Monday, 20 May 2013

Ghost Protocol

redpill Agent now with Ghost Protocol!!

What is Ghost Protocol?

Ghost Protocol is not a new spy program or a different version of redpill Agent. When Ghost Protocol is activated, a specific protocol (set of rules and procedures) is used to create the install module of redpill Agent that greatly reduces the risk of detection and removal by anti-virus software.

Why is Ghost Protocol needed?

Initially the idea of redpill Agent was for an ethical hacker, private detective or the victim of infidelity, to do targeted installations on remote computers of specific targets.

The problem is that some cyber criminals use redpill Agent to install on random computers in a phishing type approach. This exponentially increased the number of installations of redpill Agent.

The more installations of a spy program there is, the easier it is for anti-virus companies to detect and remove the spy program.

Ghost Protocol takes care of this problem.

How Ghost Protocol works

A redpill Agent customer can at any time log into his redpill Agent account to create an install module. Without Ghost Protocol, the install module will be created as usual.

If Ghost Protocol is active, the install module will be created with a unique set of rules and procedures that will result in an install module that is more unique and more difficult to detect. This is achieved by limiting the special created module to customers who activated Ghost Protocol and also breaking up this group further into very small unique batches.

Note: redpill Agent can still be detected by some anti-virus companies as suspicious by looking at the behavior of the program but will greatly reduce the risk of detection by the ‘fingerprint detection’ method.

How to enable Ghost Protocol

New customers will automatically have access to Ghost Protocol for a period of 20 days. Older customers can activate it by paying a small fee. From your redpill Agent account, simply click on the ‘Activate Ghost Protocol’ button.

Why does redpill Detective not have Ghost Protocol?

redpill Detective does not have the same problem as redpill Agent as customers are limited to one installation per license.

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