Monday, 22 April 2013

Installing Spy Software with a link

We previously posted a similar article on how to install spy software (key logger) with a link. In that article we explained that you need to set up a website for this. Thanks to Google Drive, this is no longer needed. Installing a spy program with a link is now much easier.

How to install spy software using Google Drive:

Step 1: Create a gmail account.

When you create a gmail account you will automatically get a Google Drive account as well.

Step 2: Get a redpill Detective account from redpill

Go to to find out more about redpill Detective. Make sure you only purchase from redpill ( as there are some fake websites selling redpill Detective.

Step 3: Embed the install module into a WordPad file.

Log into your  redpill Detective account and download your install module. Embed the install module into a WordPad file.

You can simply drag and drop the install module into the wordpad file. The file needs to have an rtf extension. You can also add some text to convince the target to click on the embedded install module.

Step 4: Upload the file into Google Drive

After you uploaded the file into Google Drive, click on Sharing and select ‘Public on the Web’.

Google will provide you with a link. Copy that link … you will need it later.

Step 6: Email the Target the Link
Type your email and add some text that you want to use as the link text (see below).

Highlight the text for the link and click on the hyperlink icon at the bottom. Paste the link that you copied into the URL address.

Send the email.

When the target receives the email and clicks on the link, he will be able to download the install module.

When he double clicks on the virus removal tool icon, the spy software will secretly be installed.

You will immediately start to receive data that you can view in your redpill Detective account.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

redpill now accepts Liberty Reserve payments

redpill have been supporting various forms of payment including credit cards and paypal for some time now. From today redpill will also be accepting Webmoney and Liberty Reserve payments.

To purchase using Webmoney or Liberty Reserve simply go to and click on Purchase. Select the ‘Webmoney / Libery Reserve’ payment option.