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Installing Spy Software with a link

We previously posted a similar article on how to install spy software (key logger) with a link. In that article we explained that you need to set up a website for this. Thanks to Google Drive, this is no longer needed. Installing a spy program with a link is now much easier.

How to install spy software using Google Drive:

Step 1: Create a gmail account.

When you create a gmail account you will automatically get a Google Drive account as well.

Step 2: Get a redpill Detective account from redpill

Go to to find out more about redpill Detective. Make sure you only purchase from redpill ( as there are some fake websites selling redpill Detective.

Step 3: Embed the install module into a WordPad file.

Log into your  redpill Detective account and download your install module. Embed the install module into a WordPad file.

You can simply drag and drop the install module into the wordpad file. The file needs to have an rtf extension. You can also add some text…