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How to remotely install spy software

Update (2015/07/07): 
redpill now has a new and better product for installing spy software remotely:
redpill Hacker
You can also have a look at newer articles with better tools at:

In a previous article we discussed how to get usernames and passwords from other users on a computer you have access to. We will now look at how to install spy software on a computer you do not have access to … even if the computer is on the other side of the world.

Step 1: Get quality Spy Software

You will need quality spy software that can be remotely installed and is not easily detected and removed by anti-virus. There are a couple of key loggers that can be installed remotely, but very few that can secretly be remotely installed.

redpill Detective has been designed to be covertly installed on a computer anywhere in the world.

To get our account go to

Step 2: Create your install module.

Log into your redpill Detective  account and click on ‘Create Install Module’. You will be able to choose from a couple of examples or even create your own one. We will choose the ‘Virus Removal Tool’ option.

We need to convince the target to run the attachment that we will email him.  For a cover, we will tell the target of a new terrible virus that cannot be detected or removed by standard anti-virus. A good idea is to choose something that is currently in the news like the Red October Virus.

To better fit our ‘cover’ we just change the initial and final message the target will see.
Initial Message: Searching for Red October Virus …
Final Message: Red October has successfully been removed.
That is it, we now just click on ‘Create Module’ and the install module we created will be downloaded. If prompted, click on Save and not Run. The module will be saved in the folder you selected or your Downloads folder.

Step 3: Create the attachment

Some email services will not allow you to send an application (exe file) as an attachment. You will either need to zip the file or embed it into wordpad. A few email services like Gmail does not even allow you to send an application file if it is zipped. If your target is using Gmail, you will need to embed the file into a wordpad file.

As our target is using Gmail, we will embed it into wordpad. We simply open Wordpad (NOTE: Wordpad under accessories and NOT Microsoft Word) and type some text to convince the target to click on the icon that we will add. We then simply drag and drop the application from the folder into the wordpad document.

Step 4: Email the attachment

We now simply attach the wordpad file to the email and in our email we again make sure that we convince the target that the virus is very dangerous and his only option is to immediately run the attached removal tool to make sure his computer is not infected.

If you click on the image above in step 3 you will notice that we prepared the target for the fact that he will probably get a warning from his anti-virus and/or Windows.

When the target double click on the icon in the file, it will look like a Virus Removal Tool is searching for a virus but the spy software will secretly be installed.

Step 5: Monitor the target

You can now log into yourredpill Detective account and see exactly what the target is doing. We can see in the live screen that the target is logging into his Gmail account.

If we click on key data we can see his username and password.


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