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How to get a username and password

Update (2015/07/07): 
redpill now has a new and better product available:
redpill Hacker

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This article will explain how to get a username and password for an email account like gmail or yahoo or a social network account like facebook.

In this article we will focus on getting a username and password of another user (the target) on a computer that you have access to. In a following article we will explain how to get a username and password from someone that works on a computer that you do not have access to that might be in another part of the world.

Step 1: Install a key logger

You will need to download and install a key logger that is not easily detected by anti-virus software and that is completely hidden and discreet
redpill Spy is a good choice as it is free, does not expire, is completely hidden and discreet and has the best record for staying undetected by anti virus software.

You can download redpill Spy from the redpill website (click on downloads).

After you installed the key logger, follow the instructions on how to open it and change the default password to open it.

Step 2: Wait for the target to log in.

You then need to wait for the target to log into his/her email account and/or social network account. Even if the user works on another Windows account on the computer everything he or she does will still be recorded.

Step 3: Get the username and password

After the user worked on the computer and when you have some time alone at the computer, open redpill Spy. Select the user account that the target used and click on the Key Log tab.

It will be easy to see the username and password. For a facebook username and password just look for the Window Title that says 'facebook log in'. The username and password will be in the text below (click on the image above to enlarge it).

Note that if the user used TAB to go from the username to the password, the username and password will be separated by [TAB]. If the user used his/her mouse, then the username and password will be combined but it should still be easy to see where the username ends and the password begins.


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