Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to open redpill Spy

redpill Spy is spy software that is completely hidden and discreet. After you installed redpill Spy, there will be no shortcut or icon you can click on to open it. redpill has also chosen not to use a key combination with the ALT or CTRL keys or any of the function keys as most key loggers are opened this way and an easy way to check if a key logger is installed is to try a couple of key combinations.

To open redpill Spy you need to type a secret password or phrase. You can type the password in any application like Notepad, Excel, Word or your email editor.

The default password is ‘ispy’.

When typing your password, remember that the password is case sensitive and you need to type the full password without making a mistake. Using backspace or delete to fix a typing error will not help. If you do make a mistake, start again.

Remember to change your password after you installed.

redpill Spy is well known and it is well known that the default password is ‘ispy’ so you need to change the password so that you will be the only one that will be able to open redpill Spy.

When choosing a password, use something that is not too long or difficult to remember. Also make sure that it is not part of any other word that might be typed. For example, if someone types the word crispy in any application and you haven’t changed the password, redpill Spy will open as ispy is part of crispy.

A good idea is to use a password that contains letters and one or more numbers.

redpill Spy can be downloaded from the redpill website.

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