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When a remote installation fails

No covert remote installation of spy software can be guaranteed. Any spy software vendor that guarantees success of remote installations is lying.

In this article I will explain what you could do if your first attempt to install spy software like redpill Detective covertly (without the target user’s knowledge) failed.

There are many reasons why a remote installation of a spy program could fail:
The target user could have decided not to open or run the attachment (install module).The target user could have received a warning from his/her anti-virus saying that it is not a known program and asking the user if he wants to allow the program to run. If he chooses not to allow the program to run, the installation will fail.The install module needs to run on a Windows operating system. The target user could have opened the attachment on another operating system (MAC, linux, android).The target computer might be protected by an additional two-way firewall (apart from the standard Windows Fire…

Live Computer Monitoring Improved

The Live Computer Monitoring of redpill Detective has been improved.

Apart from recording all keystrokes (key logger), redpill Detective allows you to see what is happening on a computer in (near) real time. You can see the latest screenshot of what was done on the computer that is updated every 120 seconds.

Some improvements were made as how redpill Detective detects if something interesting is happening on the computer. You can also now view the current screenshot as well as go two screenshots back to get a better ‘view’ of what the target is doing ... just click on the Date and Time button of the screenshot you want to view. You can also Zoom any picture that was taken to full screen.

redpill Detective is spy software that can be remotely installed on a computer anywhere in the world. For more information on redpill Detective visit the redpill website.

How to open redpill Spy

redpill Spy is spy software that is completely hidden and discreet. After you installed redpill Spy, there will be no shortcut or icon you can click on to open it. redpill has also chosen not to use a key combination with the ALT or CTRL keys or any of the function keys as most key loggers are opened this way and an easy way to check if a key logger is installed is to try a couple of key combinations.

To open redpill Spy you need to type a secret password or phrase. You can type the password in any application like Notepad, Excel, Word or your email editor.

The default password is ‘ispy’.

When typing your password, remember that the password is case sensitive and you need to type the full password without making a mistake. Using backspace or delete to fix a typing error will not help. If you do make a mistake, start again.

Remember to change your password after you installed.

redpill Spy is well known and it is well known that the default password is ‘ispy’ so you need to change the pa…

Using FREE Spy Software

There are many spy software products available including a couple of FREE ones. When choosing a spy software product, especially a free one, it is important to use one that is completely hidden and discreet. When looking at free ones there are very few good ones available – most have pop up messages or expires in a day or two.

redpill Spy Light is one of the very few truly FREE spy software products that is completely hidden and discreet.

The free edition comes with a key logger that logs everything that is typed including usernames and passwords. It also takes pictures (screenshots) of what the user is doing. 

There are obviously some limitations. You can only view a limited number of screenshots and key data each day … but the good news is it never expires.

If you do need to upgrade to the full edition, it is quick and easy … no need to install again. You can then even go back and view all the data from the time the free edition was installed and not only from the time you upgraded…

How to spy on your spouse

It is never a good idea to spy on your spouse just because you can. If however you suspect infidelity you need to know the truth.

Not everyone has money for a private detective, but an easy and inexpensive way of finding out the truth is using spy software. These days most people who have extra marital affairs will at some point use a secret email account, facebook account or some way of communicating over the internet.

redpill offers a couple of spy software products including the popular and free redpill Spy.

Real spy software like the ones available from redpill will not let anyone else that is working on the computer know that it is installed. It is completely hidden and only you can open it and only you will know about it.

You will be able to see everything that was done. You will see screenshots of what your spouse was looking at and you will see everything that was typed. You will even be able to get the usernames and passwords of his/her secret email account or facebook accou…

Welcome to your new training blog

Although our redpill blog has been around for a few years and we have posted several articles on how to use spy software in that blog, we have decided to start a new blog that is dedicated to training.

This blog will mainly focus on articles about spy software, key loggers and Computer Monitoring Software that is available from redpill but will also look at other products, hacking techniques, social engineering and more.